Saturday, July 9, 2016

Create Barcode / Spine Label with Glabel

A Simple solution for creating very low cost Barcode and Spine Label without any specific Bar Coding Software or Barcode Printer. You can use regular Laser Printer using Desmat Stickers.
Just install Glabels Software in Ubuntu Linux in any PC and start creating Barcode & Spine Label and take your library to next level of Automation.
Cost involved:
Option 1: 6500 Spine @ Rs.300 [Local Market] or Rs. 200 [Desmat Online Store].
Option 2: 5600 Spine @ Rs.300 [Local Market] or Rs. 200 [Desmat Online Store].
4000/5600 Barcode with above same rate.
The labels are available in A4 pages.
You may print multiple label at the same time with very easy steps. You may also print in continuous or discrete numbers.
Not very much technical, just type in excel, save as .csv and link with Glabels.
Most important part is that the spine looks good [no handwriting issue] and durable as they are laser printed. For more durability, cover them with 1" inch cello-tape.
You may even print your Library name above the call number or barcode.
You may also print in multicolored label to differentiate in various type of collection.
Working successfully in Assam University Library.